The 10 most famous cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.. Get to know them

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The 10 most famous cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.. Get to know them

 The 10 most famous cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.. Get to know them

 Cryptocurrencies have imposed themselves strongly on the worldwide  economy at present, especially with  the rise  in their spread and circulation in various parts of the world, including our Arab world, where  the quantity  of transactions via digital currency trading platforms amounted to about 2.5 trillion dollars last September, and  it's  constantly rising.

 In fact, this sort of currency has become a fait accompli that cannot be overlooked or ignored, especially  because it has acquired a large part of the interest of investors, specifically in our Arab world, as digital currencies are traded in Saudi Arabia , the Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan and therefore the rest of the Arab countries on a large scale.  .

 But there are many analysts who show the risks of handling these currencies and the negatives that they may contain, especially with the rise in fraud and scams after the number of these currencies exceeded more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies.

  during this report, we present to you  the foremost  famous digital currency trading platforms in the world, and that we  took into account in the selection the level of security, credibility, spread and  simple use of these selected platforms.


 Founded in 2012  within the United States of America, it's one of the most famous and most powerful digital currency trading platforms in the world, because it makes the method of buying and selling these currencies very easy, while providing strong protection for traders, and therefore the platform also contains a large number of market indicators and charts that it needs Users to analyze market movement.

 The platform is that the largest broker for the exchange of bitcoin, ether and litecoin, against 32 fiat currencies, and this platform is employed  in 190 countries around the world, and  is employed by about 10 million customers from different countries. Another advantage of it's the relatively low fees it charges compared to other platforms, although it's not the least among them.

 Binance platform

 We chose this platform among  the foremost  famous cryptocurrency trading platforms because it offers a long list of currencies other than the most common cryptocurrencies,  also  as for its availability on an Arabic interface dedicated to Arab traders.

 Founded in 2017 in America, and since 2019 it's become one of the most powerful cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. The platform only allows deposits in US dollars by global users via the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), but allows users to get a specified number of cryptocurrencies.Directly with credit cards, deposits using 12 other fiat currencies also are allowed.

 Bisq platform

 We chose this platform among our cryptocurrency exchanges because  it's  an open source decentralized exchange with no Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

  it's a downloadable software that exchanges Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies pair-to-pair, so this software  doesn't have a central point of control and cannot be removed, a bit like  Bitcoin itself, which suggests complete control for investors.

 Cash App

 We chose this platform because it's  very easy to use, and provides traders flexible options to withdraw to other cryptocurrency wallets.

 Cash App may be a currency-to-currency money transfer system, very similar to the Venmo app. This service allows users to shop for food for their friends, pay rent for a roommate, or maybe  shop online at a retailer that supports the app.This app basically functions as a checking account , and users can get their own "Cash App" debit cards.

 NSFX platform

 A financial company licensed by  the ecu Union, the Securities Commission  and therefore the Central Bank of Malta since 2013, and monitored by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), and provides trading services for various digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, additionally to Forex and shares of international companies approved.

 Huobi Global platform

  it had been established in 2013, headquartered in Singapore, and thought of  by observers to be one of the largest digital currency trading platforms in the world, and this institution has many offices in many countries of the world; like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, America, Britain and other countries, with its services reaching quite 130 countries in the world.

 The platform offers many distinguished services and exchanges which will be accomplished at the lowest costs,  because the participation fee is only 2% of the entry fee, and therefore the  platform provides security for users by setting appropriate trading limits for all.


 A famous American platform for investing in cryptocurrencies, and  it had been one of the first exchanges established in New York City in 2017 with the aim of trading in these currencies publicly. The company's capital is quite $100 million, has been put up for public subscription, and is traded in Canada and therefore the OTC market in the United States.

  it's an application that can be downloaded easily on all smartphones, and one among its most important features is to provide a commission-free trading structure. It also supports most major cryptocurrencies, as quite 50 encrypted digital currencies are traded through it, and it enjoys strong support and widespread participation, and pays prices Competitive interest on assets.  Additionally, once you open a Voyager account, you'll  earn $25 in BTC (BTC) after trading $100 in cryptocurrency.


  it's one of the most famous digital currency trading platforms in the world, and was founded in 2007, and  it's  licensed in both Cyprus and Australia and subject to the financial laws and regulations in these two countries, and  quite 11 million investors from around the world are registered, and quite  15 digital currencies are traded It is characterized by providing an interactive and social digital trading platform, and among its other features  is that the provision of an Arabic interface that facilitates trading for Arab traders in digital currencies.

 eToro offers a stimulating social interactive service that is not available on other platforms, the Copy Trader service that permits novice traders to copy the portfolios of more experienced investors in the short or medium term. Copy trading is right for inexperienced investors, Where they will learn from the experiences of the most experienced and trained traders.


 A British company that supports the  Arabic , and it's branches in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia, and  it's one of the best and most modern international brokerage companies,  within the forex market, through which investors can interact and trade an easy and simple way, because the platform provides trading accuracy in global markets, and therefore the brokerage company is The only one that guarantees stop orders and a profit limit, no matter market conditions, as all investor orders are executed automatically.

  the corporate is distinguished by using SSL with Bit 128 encryption technology on all transactions; This makes all customer information secure at all times, and it's platforms designed for all levels of experience, to assist build clients' investment portfolios in the fastest time. There are other advantages, perhaps the foremost important of which is the provision of an investment advisor in Arabic.

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