Electronic trade... The future of self-employment in the world.

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Electronic trade... The future of self-employment in the world.


 What's electronic commerce! 

E-commerce is that the buying and selling of products or purposes. merchandisers can purchase  and vend through a computer or mobile phone. E-commerce also allows the acquisition of any product similar as electronic bias, apparel, digital currencies, land ,stocks, buses, and indeed gold and glued  means. 

E-commerce is taken into account as a main path to the path of entrepreneurship and the path towards wealth and wealth, especially with the technological development that supports electronic commerce for growth and development. At the identical time, electronic commerce is veritably popular within the world, as its request value is anticipated to succeed in  further than 200 billion bones

 by 2026, Every worker then features a  payment. Indeed small workers with simple work admit a yearly pay packet  by working from home only, and there are indeed delivery workers and various types of work handed bye-commerce to people. There are large and little and arising companies related to this field as well. 



sorts of  electronic commerce! 

When you hear the word electronic commerce, it'll come to your mind that  it is a  trade between two Internet druggies only. No, there are numerous  sorts of  electronic commerce in which people work,  and therefore the  styles of work differ from one type to another. There are six  sorts of  them 


  1.  E-commerce between companies  referred to as  B2B 
  2.  E-commerce from companies to consumers,  referred to as  B2C 
  3.  Electronic commerce between  the buyer  and the administration,  referred to as  C2A 
  4.  Electronic commerce between companies and departments,  referred to as  B2A 
  5.  Electronic commerce between consumers  referred to as  C2C 
  6.  E-commerce from consumers to  the corporate ,  referred to as  C2B 


 • When dide-commerce appear! 

Electronic commerce appeared  an extended  time agone, and therefore the  ways of working in it differed, and when  the web  appeared, druggies began to use it for trade styles between them  and corporations . 

  it had been  discovered by an English citizen with the rapid-fire spread of online shopping spots, which have always been visited by Internet druggies, and  one among  the most notorious requests is the ebay request, a world notorious request that sells all the products  you'll  be looking for E-commerce has several benefits and objects, including selling your product or your brand,  also  as reducing the cost of the assiduity. 

It's quick to settle business deals  and obtain  to know thousands of guests, merchandisers and new guests. It also enables you to publish and vend your own product each over  the planet  with just the click of a button on one of the websites. Social Media. 

 • Ebay 


 Its headquarter  is found  in San Jose, California, USA. It's  a web  trading company, or as it's called electronic shopping centres. eBay was innovated in 1995 by  an individual  named" Pierre Imidyar" 

And it developed over time  to return  a major global company visited by billions of people from around the world to protect and buy their asked products and deal with the merchandisers who want them. Not only eBay,  this is often  why caution must be taken. 

Électronique trade


It's a website for shopping and buying goods and it's considered as the most online retailer in terms of arranging the number of goods vended and traded.  it had been  innovated in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and is headquartered in Seattle Washington, USA. 


 The Amazon point  may be a  truly integrated point.  you'll  buy the products, purposes, and goods  you would like . Payment  is formed  by bank cards similar as PayPal, Paysera, wise or through holdalls

 similar as Trust wallt. It also offers other technologies similar as storehouse service  and other people  know it with pall storehouse technology, also It's believable with  the popularity  of all its dealers, as it's keen  to offer  goods and products of high quality,  to not  mention shipping and conservation, and it also provides  some extent  that enables you to recover your plutocrat in the event that you don't like the goods you have bought or if they don't match the specifications of the goods you have seen 

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