Barcelona enters the world of crypto assets with a deal worth half a million dollars.

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Barcelona enters the world of crypto assets with a deal worth half a million dollars.

With half a million dollars, Barcelona enters the world of crypto assets 

Barcelona NFT
Barcelona NFT

 FC Barcelona has announced the sale of the club's first artwork of non-fungible tokens "NFT", featuring Barca legend Johan Cruyff.

 Barcelona had recently entered  the sector of non-fungible tokens "NFT", after displaying an artwork embodying  an excellent goal scored by Johan Cruyff while he was a player with the team, in an auction belonging to the "Sotheby's"  firm .

 Barcelona president Joan Laporta described the image that's the subject of the icon for sale as "the best in the club's history".

 And Barcelona published a politician  statement in which it said that the mentioned "NFT" item was sold for 550,000 dollars, knowing that the quantity will become 693 thousand dollars by adding the auction fees.

 The Barcelona statement indicated that the item sold may be a digital audiovisual artwork that recreates the legendary moment in which Cruyff scored a stunning goal from flying against Atletico Madrid, on December 22, 1973.

  additionally to the original work, titled Somehow.. Immortal, the unidentified buyer was given 4 extras of irreplaceable tokens, each including a still image of the animated version that captures the long-lasting moment of the famous target.

  what's NFT?

 "NFT" is an acronym for "non-fungible tokens" in English, meaning works of art that are unique in shape and characteristics and can't be replaced by anything else.

 Non-fungible tokens are digital assets  that every have a different value, and although  they appear similar to digital currencies, they differ from them in terms of exchangeability.

 Owners of non-fungible tokens can monetize ownership or right of ownership, even as they do with unique paintings and artwork.

 VIP privileges and experiences

 Inspired by a note from Johan Cruyff, the digital masterpiece "In how , Immortal" went on sale July 29 at Sotheby's, the world's premier destination for art, luxury and collectibles. the web auction started on July 21. quite 30 investors have expressed interest in buying NFT, and therefore the final minutes of the auction were filled with tension.

 For the primary time ever, the club worked with BCN Visuals, lead innovation partner, and Digital Superstudio to make NFT with a cinematic look. Johan Cruyff's scientist helped make the concept a reality.

 There are many privileges and VIP experiences that NFT owners can enjoy besides becoming a Barcelona Digital Ambassador. Besides NFT, the customer  will get a plethora of "money can't buy" benefits and perks. Meet and greet, trips to La Masia, hospitality rights (for a minimum of five years), the proper  to play at Spotify Camp Nou, and a politician handover of the ball before a friendly match will be included in the NFT smart contract.

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