What is the Alibaba e-shopping site? Advantages and features ... get to know them

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What is the Alibaba e-shopping site? Advantages and features ... get to know them

 alibaba online shopping site

It's a Chinese company held by the Chinese private sector that earns ultimate of its earnings from its business exertion via the Internet, including a shopping quest machine, pall computing services, online payment services, commercial and retail trade, additionally to a general request aimed at easing trade between companies, individualities and merchandisers, at the international and Chinese situations. 


 In 2007, Alibaba entered the Hong Kong stock exchange, with a stake of71.5, and in 2014 it had been agreed with the French Foreign Minister, to further promote French products on the purpose , which is 3 general agreement. 

The Alibaba website has entered multitudinous honors and awards, together of the swish websites in the world, as it's one among the websites of the Alibaba group of companies. 

  the way to shopping from Alibaba 


  1. First, the customer must register on the Alibaba website and produce an   account thereon .  
  2. Enter the purpose and click on free   registration, join free , fill within the   person's data, analogous as given name, alternate name, address,telephone number ,dispatch word and other data. 
  3. After completing the registration, press   the Confirm button 
  4. After that, the customer enters the     sections of the purpose, selects from   among the products ,adds these goods   to the shopping wagon, and after the   choice is completed, the named goods   are reviewed and checked in terms of   number, size and other details, and also negotiated with the supplier in terms of the minimum volume that the customer can purchase them from the online store, and see if there are offers or abatements on the products . 
  5. Next, click on the applicable thanks to   pay for the purchase of goods on the   Alibaba website, and choose the   shipping system. 
  6. customer can confirm the address that   was registered ahead, or add a   replacement address if necessary. 
  7. After that, the purpose sends a   communication viae- correspondence   to the customer stating that the request has been entered and processing has begun. 


 The customer can track the cargo of the order, through a shadowing number transferred by the purpose via a communication on the mobile phone ore- correspondence. 

 orders available for shopping on Alibaba 


 The Alibaba shopping point provides several sections for its guests so as to give all the conditions and conditions that the customer may need in his quotidian life. Among these features handed by the Alibaba point, we provide you some of its various sections. 

  • Electronic bias and accessories 
  •  Men's vesture. 
  •  Women's Clothing. 
  •  Children's vesture. 
  •  Accessories( watches, specs,etc.). 
  •  Shoes and bags( all shapes and sizes). 
  •  Games and stories for youngsters . 
  •  Home furniture of all types . 
  • School supplies and office supplies. 
  •  Healthcare supplies. 
  •  artificial outfit. 
  •  ménage supplies. 
  •  fabrics and fabrics. 
  •  Sports Outfit. 
  •  machine and vehicle corridor. 
  •  Aircraft spare corridor. 
  • Food and agricultural products 



 How credible is that the Alibaba website? 

 Perhaps the foremost constantly asked question about this point right now is Is Alibaba reliable? On this subject, you ought to know that Alibaba offers you the Escrow service, which is a superb service to ensure that you are not defrauded. 


 Where the purpose plays the part of an mediator between you and the company or dealer, by paying the worth of the commodity to Alibaba by bank transfer, or Western Union. Ali Baba maintains the amount until you admit substantiation of the launch of the dealer's cargo of the product, and therefore the appearance of the goods at the harborage. 

 So it tells Alibaba to pay the dealer, or the corporate . still, this service isn't available to all merchandisers, and whoever has it's 100 reliable. On the opposite hand, although ultimate of the merchandisers are approved, there also are fake merchandisers, who may ask you to transfer to fake accounts, in unscripted ways. 

 Which makes this plutocratnon- refundable, therefore the Alibaba team will always advise you if the dealer is suspicious, so you'll change it with another authorized dealer. 

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