The US Federal Reserve will decide the fate of gold, what will be its fate, rise or collapse!

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The US Federal Reserve will decide the fate of gold, what will be its fate, rise or collapse!


Gold is awaiting the decision of the US Federal Reserve meeting, which will decide its fate 

Fear remains creeping in the hearts of investors, thanks to  the direction of the red candle angles in the global stock request, confusions suggesting the spread of fears and relative aversion to threat before the foremost important meetings of the US Federal Reserve this time. 


 thus, despite trading during a narrow range, gold moment is stable and its borderline gains continue despite the expectation of the US Reserve’s decision  to boost interest rates this evening at 600 pm GMT

As gold prices admit their support in trading this morning, Wednesday, from the spread of fears and prospects of  a worldwide profitable recession, especially with the decline in growth rates significantly, coinciding with the strong rise in affectation situations. 


 prospects folks real GDP growth have declined during the current and coming two times, with US consumer confidence falling to its smallest position in a few  time and a half, which increased panicked investors' appetite for precious gold. 

Where the unheroic essence acts as a secure haven in similar turbulent and uncertain profitable conditions,  therefore the price of gold moment also served from the International Monetary Fund’s reduction of global profitable growth vaticinations this time from3.6 to3.2, and for the approaching time from3.9 to2.9. 


  during a affiliated environment, the bone's slight decline this morning contributed to supporting gold prices in deals, because the US bone indicator DXY, which measures its performance against a handbasket of other major currencies, is trading below the 107 position at106.958 points, with a decline of roughly0.23, with a relaxed  Before the storm, dealers are staying for the Fed's decision within the evening. 

Investors are presently awaiting the Federal Reserve's financial policy meeting on July 26 27, when it's anticipated to boost interest rates by 75 base points to control rising affectation. 


 European  financial institution  

The European Central Bank joined its global peers in combating rising affectation and raising interest rates by further than anticipated, indeed  because the euro zone frugality suffered from the impact of the Russia- Ukraine extremity. 


 Advanced interest rates increase the occasion cost of retaining the valuable  essence, which does not induce fixed returns, and boost the bone, which makes gold precious for buyers abroad. 

As for other precious essence, tableware settled in spot deals at$18.78 an oz , while platinum increased by one-hundredth to$ 880 and precaution rose0.5 percent to$1902.18. 


 The quantum of interest rates 

The US financial institution is set to raise interest rates by another 75 base points at the conclusion of its policy meeting on Wednesday, because it tries to rein in affectation without causing a recession. 


 With a rise pricing of 75 base points, bullion could  delay ,or head lower after the Fed meeting, counting on how important short- covering is, said Michael Langford, director of economic  premonitory establishment Airgood. 

gold request conditions 


 “ This 75 point rate hike is that the most anticipated in the requests,” said Clifford Bennett, principal economist at ACI Securities

He added, “ Short and medium- term dealers want to vend gold up front, in expectation of  a nasty  decision for the precious essence’s prices, but gold buyers are staying  within the  bodies to take advantage of an anticipated drop in prices, which creates a balance  within the  request. ” 

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