The dollar is suffering against the ruble and the lira is the best, while the euro is collapsing on the other hand.

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The dollar is suffering against the ruble and the lira is the best, while the euro is collapsing on the other hand.

 The US Dollars is suffering against the Russian ruble, and therefore the lira remains in the lead 

 For five successive trading sessions, the worth of the USD/ irk currency brace is trying to recover, but  the solution  earnings didn't exceed the61.55 position and settle around the59.25 position. At the time of writing the analysis, the Russian ruble remains strong, and  consistent with the performance on the map below, the overall trend of the currency brace is still bearish. Although performance. Russia's profitable downturn continued in June, but didn't take a turn for  the more severe , as new data underlined query about the long- term impact of warrants. Russia's artificial product fell1.8 in June from a time before, the State Statistics Service said on Wednesday, a lower decline than judges had anticipated. Retail deals shrank9.6 annually, rock bottom drop since March, a month after the Russian irruption of Ukraine brought unknown US and European profitable restrictions. 

 The International fund this week bettered its cast for this time to a Russian compression of 6, from the previous cast for a drop of 8, saying that crude andnon-oil exports were" harmonious better than anticipated" and domestic consumption was" flexible" despite the warrants.. 


  consistent with experts' opinions. “ The strong ruble provides a lift to consumer confidence, which, consistent with  checks, is at its loftiestpost-COVID. else, continued exit of foreign challengers increases prospects of advanced request power and thus gains among original enterprises. We anticipate the Russian frugality to be more flexible within the  short term, declining by only3.5 in 2022. 

 checks show that business and consumer confidence has rebounded in recent months, buoyed by a answer  within the  ruble and sharp interest rate cuts by the Bank of Russia. Last week, the Russian financial institution  lowered its crucial interest rate below itspre-invasion position. 

The us Raising the interest rate to fight affectation leads to a decline in the value of the Dollars



 The Us dollars 

 fell against a handbasket of major currencies on Wednesday, because the  Federal Reserve raised interest rates and commentary from US Central Bank President Jeroll Powell raised expedients of a slower path for interest increases. 

The Federal Reserve System raised the standard interest rate by an estimated 75 base points for the alternate successive meeting as it sought to rein in affectation, but noted that the labor request remained strong while other profitable pointers weakened. 


 The note originally rose after the Fed statement, but snappily reversed course and fell on with US Treasury yields, while stocks jumped on Wall Street after Powell's commentary. 

 The Us dollars indicator fell0.756 percent to,310, with the euro rising0.97 percent to$,0212. 

  the japanese currency rose0.26 against the US currency to136.58 yearning to the bone, while British pound rose1.25 percent to$,2175. 

within the cryptocurrency request, Bitcoin jumped8.65 percent to22.000 $ 

 The euro has fallen below the dollar for 20 years.


  suffering from the bleak outlook for the European frugality and the prospect of a complete Russian gas force cut, the euro fell Wednesday below the emblematic US dollar

 threshold that has not been crossed since December 2002. 

 The euro traded against$0.9998 around 1245 GMT,  during a  precedent since the morning of trading in the European currency, before recording  a replacement rise, after sanctioned numbers showed  an increase  in affectation in the United States in June, which corroborated prospects that the  Federal Reserve System would follow The US financial policy is tighter. 

  the ecu currency has lost nearly 12 of its value since the morning of the time 

Fears are inflamed more and more by  the entire  conclus on of Russian gas exports to Europe, because the  French government spoke at the end of last week of the" possibility" of cutting inventories. 


  •   How far can the deterioration of the euro go?  

 It presumably depends on Russia's desire to aggravate the profitable war with Europe,"says critic Jane Foley at the fiscal services company Rabobank, noting that" knowing President( VladimirPutin's )intentions isn't easy.

 Given the weak growth within the  eurozonethe ecu Central Bank can raise interest rates, but with difficulty,  so as to combat affectation, which reached5.8 percent in June in France and7.6 percent in Germany, consistent with numbers published on Wednesday morning. 

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