The collapse of the shares of the Alibaba shopping site, according to the spread of news of the arrest of its CEO, Jack Ma

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The collapse of the shares of the Alibaba shopping site, according to the spread of news of the arrest of its CEO, Jack Ma

The news of the arrest of Jack Ma... he drops the shares of the Ali Baba complex

According to China's state- run CCTV channel, the suspect was placed under" mandatory measures" on April 25 on dubitation of" conspiracy with foreign forces hostile to China" with  the top  of" inciting racialism" and" inciting the undermining of state power." 



 The one- judgment report, which was snappily picked up by other state media and cautions across Chinese news platforms, sparked a fear that urged sell- offs in Hong Kong , wiping out an estimated$ 26 billion from Alibaba's request value in within twinkles. 

 Hu Xijin, the previous editor- in- chief of the state- possessed public review Global Times, was quick to means that the report was deceiving because the suspect's name" Ma Yun" in question comported of three letters, while Jack Ma's Chinese name was only two.( CCTV latterly still streamlined its original  report back to match Hu's assessment.) 


  to alleviate farther enterprises, the worldwide Times reported that the indicted man was born in 1985 in Wenzhou( while Jack Ma was born in 1964 in Hangzhou) and worked as a director of tackle exploration and development at an information technology company. 

 the broader technology sector 


 The Chinese government is presently reviewing its policy to regulate the exertion of giant technology companies,  because it has opened an antitrust disquisition into Alibaba. 

 The watchdog said last month it had fined 12 companies, including Tencent and Baidu, over 10 deals it says violated antitrust rules. maybe  this is often an suggestion of the escalation of measures to include the technology sector more astronomically. 


 China faces transnational review over its mortal rights programs in Hong Kong  and Xinjiang. 

 Some see within the measures to check the giant technology companies a tendency from the government to give precedence to stability and control over matters at the expenditure of profitable gains. 


" There are panels within the  Communist Party that remind companies that the party is eventually stronger, indeed from titans like Jack Ma," says Samantha Hoffman of the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy. 

 She adds that" Companies don't only do what the party tells them, but they do not have to know about it, if asked about it." 


 But another expert believes that Ali Baba shouldn't be viewed by the West only from a political angle. 

" China may be a developing country. I suppose it's illegal to guage a developing country by the norms of developed countries," says Lilian Li, editor of the China Technology Bulletin. 

 Interventions from higher authorities to save Jack Ma 

 A BBC Radio 4 investigative program told the story of Jack Ma


 The author of Alibaba indicted Chinese banks of operating with a" laying office" intelligence. He said that the authorities are espousing the system of" running a  railway station to manage the airfields", in their hunt to regulate  the new world of electronic plutocrat. 

 These statements infuriated the heads of the country's banking industry , and therefore the case supposedly reached President Xi Jinping. 


 Ma and his associates were incontinently summoned to  a gathering  with the control body. The subscription process blazoned by the" Ant" group was suspended. Shares of" Ma" companies fell on the  stock market , losing$ 76 billion of their value. 

 After the meeting, Ma fully faded. 

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