Experts expect a movement in the direction of the US dollar amid conflicts between the wreckage of the economic recession and the US Federal Reserve's rescue forces... So what is the fate of the US dollar price!

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Experts expect a movement in the direction of the US dollar amid conflicts between the wreckage of the economic recession and the US Federal Reserve's rescue forces... So what is the fate of the US dollar price!

The movement of the direction of the US dollar and the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve to save its currency from inevitable death due to the news of the economic recession

  The bone tends to weaken  within the  FOMC decision days. The DXY has fallen the last 3 meetings and 6 of the last 7,  explained Win Thein, Global Head of Currency Strategy at BBH


" We aren't yet able to change our prospects for a strong bone, especially if the Fed delivers a hawkish communication as we anticipate. Yes, US profitable data is in decline, but we  don't believe a recession is imminent. When all is claimed and done, we suppose the US frugality isn't ," he added. Still  the foremost  flexible. still, we anticipate a period of connection for the bone until the US profitable outlook becomes clearer." 

 “ The two- day FOMC meeting ends moment and therefore the Fed is extensively anticipated to raise rates by 75 base points to2.50. The WIRP has only a ten chance of a 100 base point move. The streamlined macroeconomic cast and cast map comes up to the September meeting. 


 Another rate hike of 75 base points was priced on September 21 with a probability of only about 45, favoring a 50 base point hike at  that point . A 25 base point hike is priced on  All Souls' Day , but  then , another 25 base point hike is merely  incompletely priced. ” 

 “ The barters request paints a analogous picture as 175 tightening is priced over  the approaching 6 months which would see the high rate peak near3.5. ,the easing cycle is priced for the posterior 6 months. This pricing is now more pessimistic than Forecast map for June, which sees the Fed finances rate hike to3.75 in 2023 before dropping to3.375 in 2024. 


  what is going to the US Federal Reserve? 

 Over the once weeks, numerous judges have batted whether the FOMC will raise the crucial rate( the firing range for the Fed finances rate) by 75 base points or 100 base points. thus it's likely to be 75, Ulrich Lochtmann, head of forex and goods exploration indicated within the  diurnal currency briefing published on Wednesday. 


 The critical question is How will the Fed act once rapid-fire increases in interest rates dampen the important frugality and conceivably indeed beget a recession? 

“ The hawkish interpretation assumes that the Fed is totally apprehensive of the fact that this high rate of rate hike speed is aggravating a real profitable retardation, but is willing to simply accept this given the urgency of the affectation issue. ” 


The collapse of the US dollar due to the spread of news of a possible economic recession

The US Dollar wasn't suitable to repel the pressures of the profitable recession vaticination indeed with the approach of the US Federal Reserve's decision to boost interest rates this evening,  and therefore the press conference of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who's pursuing a robust  tightening path in his financial programs for the current period, which is meant  to support the dollar.

 still, the dollars fell significantly during moment's trading against utmost of the opposite major currencies in the forex request, driven by investors' fears of the negative consequences of the recession, especially after the emergence of negative data regarding profitable growth within the United States and the world. 

The International fund lowered its global growth cast again history, warning of the pitfalls that would lead to a farther rise in affectation rates and a farther decline in global growth in 2022 to3.2 from3.6, and therefore the  decline in growth vaticinations for 2023 from3.9 to2.9. 


 The International fund also reduced its cast for the growth of the US frugality coming time 2023 from3.7 to2.3,  consistent with the rearmost US data, which affected the bone's performance during a clear negative moment. 

  The upcoming US dollar movements according to expert analysis studies


 Despite its decline this morning, the bone is anticipated to rise, albeit temporarily, after the US Federal Reserve System blazoned that it'll raise interest rates this evening at 600 pm GMT. 

 Forex Street experts believe that the bone's decline is veritably likely despite  the choice to raise interest rates, as a  results of the severe negative view of the US frugality during the coming five months, and therefore the dollars indicator may fall to situations of 105 points. 

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