E-commerce or the digital economy... Tips and steps for online shopping

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E-commerce or the digital economy... Tips and steps for online shopping

 Online shopping or what's referred to as the digital frugality. Tips and directions for shopping online 


 In recent times, digital technologies have revolutionized the way numerous consumers round the world buy and do business. 

In a report published by the Spanish magazine" Moi Negocios e Economy", pen Jose Marti said that the digital request has revolutionized the planet of shopping, especially with reference to managing our shopping lists, which we will now organize and partake like noway ahead. 


  it is also possible to follow the distinction in the prices of the products of these lists and to admit offers for the products or services of interest to us. 

The pen added that the web has come a awful digital request in which we can buy products and benefit from the services of suppliers around the world. 

 The emergence of the App Service allows us to try this entire process, by chancing and covering information about products and services and copping them anywhere and anytime. 


Compare the prices of the offered products


 The pen stated that the digital frugality has enabled consumers in an unknown thanks to know all the details about the offers offered, similar as comparing prices and suppliers, also as managing the entire buying and selling process via the Internet. 

Thanks to the use of one of the most notorious digital commerce in the world similar as Amazon, it's now possible to look for information about the product and the supplier, know the opinions of other consumers, compare prices from different merchandisers, buy the merchandise , manage and track the delivery process, also as share the consumption experience and manage the return of the product in case of dissatisfaction with it. 


 The dark side of the digital economy 

The digital frugality isn't without some annoying aspects despite all its cons, especially as we face more complex purchases than others, because we do not have important time to compare and dissect all the offers in the request. 

 There are price monitoring tools which will inform us of the elaboration of the product's price in the request so that we can check whether we're facing a real offer in the price of the product or false abatements that only encourage us to buy. 

On the opposite hand, the convenience of doing online shopping at any time and place around the world can encourage the purchase of products or services that we don't really need. 

  the buyer runs the threat ofover-reliance on the advice and services of some platforms without comparing the immolations outside these platforms, as is that the case with other large companies in the digital frugality that they suspect of always promoting monopoly. 

The pen refocused out that the success of these platforms that grease force operation in moment's digital requests can come a hedge for consumers who can beover-oriented towards certain offers. 

 So it is necessary to flash back that technology should be seductive to mortal service.Overall, recommendations and suggestions are likely to disproportionately impact our copping opinions. 

 Alerts we warn shoppers


 The pen advised the digital consumer to some important aspects so as to profit from the digital request and avoid its damages. 

1- The independence of the customer:  where he should compare the offers, and a few suppliers who don't work under the marquee of agents or platforms can offer the consumer the stylish offers. 


 2- Security : It's associated with the need to take into account the issue of security, as online fraud has come quite stealing data from the consumer card. 

3- Bond : It's essential that the merchandise or service you buy matches the information you have entered and that the online sale provides all security guarantees. 


 4-Responsible consumption : sense and a commitment to responsible consumption are essential in order for the products and services we buy to make our lives more, and not just buying a digital pastime. 

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